Thursday, July 1, 2010

Slightly slacking

On blog posts, that is. Things have been busy here, and I'm gearing up to load up the kid and the dog and head east to MN (near St. Paul) to see my brother and sister in law.

Graycie is in the shop, a new repair shop, as I called my mechanic and he said they couldn't look at it until next week. I understand that shops get busy, and was grateful that one of the guards at work had recommended another shop in town. I dropped Graycie off yesterday and the mechanic and I talked for about 30 minutes about Vanagon campers in general and mine's issues in particular. I walked away feeling like she's in good hands, and if they do a good job, will likely give them my business for the van as well as for my Civic, which I hope to keep running for a few more years. It's kind of a shame, but the other reason I'd switch is that the new place will give me a ride after I drop off the car, and my other mechanic doesn't provide that service.

My garden looks awesomely awesome, and I'll take some pictures today to post here. I need to get a new water timer set up and cut the grass before we leave for the trip. I'm very happy with how things look. My peas finally bloomed, and I think it's too late - they look tired and heat stressed.

I'm also quite happy with how things are going in general at the moment. I'm enjoying getting to know B, who will henceforth be known as M due to an inside joke about internet anonymity.

I've come to terms with the teaching thing for the moment, and emailed the lead instructor at the community college yesterday to tell him I'd be unable to teach in the fall. It was with regret, as I really enjoyed teaching. I got my evaluations back from Spring semester, and they were overwhelmingly positive. Compared to the first semester that I taught, where I was figuratively eviscerated, comments this time around were generous and constructive.

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