Monday, June 28, 2010

Get going

Here's a picture of B with our camping set up Saturday. Those are wet wetsuits hanging on the white truck, B's 16' raft, and my campervan tucked in the back. We did manage to fit inside the confines of the campsite. We rafted on Saturday and Sunday - Saturday just the two of us, and Sunday with another passenger, a dog and the dog's owner in a kayak. Sally, for her own good on this first trip, went to dog camp for the night.

It was a blast. The river is just right for a newbie like myself, and I got just enough of a thrill out of it that I'd like to both do this again, and explore the possibility of learning how to use a kayak. B made sure to tell me the safety stuff: if you get thrown out of the boat, try to grab onto it and get back in as soon as possible, if not, point your feet downstream, etc. The thought of getting tossed out of the raft in a rapid (i.e. "going for a swim") scared me, even though I was wearing a wetsuit, booties, spray jacket, helmet and life jacket. They have a saying about whenever you go out on the river, "you're just between swims". Sort of a metaphor for life, too.

It feels so good to be out DOING stuff. Taking advantage of the outdoor stuff Colorado has to offer. Sure, my lawn should have been cut a few days ago, but I think it's a fair tradeoff. It's cooler in the mountains, and it's been hot down here in town. I'm so jazzed to be hanging out with B, who (in addition to his other great qualities) does outdoorsy stuff as a matter of course, and by virtue of that, gives me the opportunity to try some new stuff. And he got the stove on the campervan working - what's not to like?

In other news, my brother called and gave me dates that would be good for us to visit them in MN. I need to talk to my boss, but am going to try to take that trip the week after next. First big trip with Graycie. I thought we might try to swing a little south and visit the tallgrass prairie in Kansas. By the map, it's only a couple of hours out of the way. I need to get the cruise control fixed before we go.


  1. Linda, appears you and B are having a blast. And I love the plans for the MN roadtrip. Enjoy!


  2. sounds like great fun!! Write it down in your camper journey journal! And get going on your next adventure!!


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