Thursday, June 10, 2010


Who made these flight reservations?! Whose idea was it to have an almost-three-hour layover in Chicago?

I guess at the time, I didn't want to have to be in Syracuse (an hour's drive from Ithaca) at 6am to catch the earlier flight. Oh well. I paid for internet access on the way out, so it's paid for while I wait for my flight to Denver. I noticed on the Departures board that there was an earlier flight to Denver that had been delayed, otherwise it wouldn't have still been there. I did wander over and they already had 10 people on standby, so that didn't fly (ha ha). It's an hour and 15 minute drive then from Denver to FC, so that puts me home around 7 pm my time.

It was a good trip. As these things go, there was a lot of information presented, and I'll need to go back and look at my notes, and look up some of the resources in order to do some of the many things the presenters did at the workshop.

And it was a little odd, but at the same time comfortable and familiar to be back among academics. There was a time that I thought the ideal job was to have a faculty position at a four year college somewhere, but I've realized a couple of years ago that this is not my professional path. I still feel like I'm not entirely sure what I want to be when I grow up, but also that that is OK.

I called the mechanic who was (I thought) working on my new campervan while I was out of town these last 10 days. Turns out he "just started" working on it, and it won't be ready until sometime next week. "Call on Wednesday" he said. I've decided I've got nothing to gain by being nasty about it to him, so I'm going to call him Monday, and be sweet as sugar while I tell him how very much I'd like to be able to go down there that Wednesday and take it home.

Finally, if I if all goes well, I'll roll into town and enjoy dinner with, and made by, B.

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