Friday, June 18, 2010


Here is Miss Sally and my new van! She, Mr W and I will go camping Saturday night somewhere close. I think it will be a matter of driving up to the area, and seeing what's open, as the reservation system wants one to make the reservation 4 days or more in advance.

Here's my raised beds this morning. The large green presence in the lower right corner was labeled as "Broccoli" - can anyone confirm my suspicion that these are Brussels sprouts? I need to head to the nursery this weekend to fill in just a couple of spots, and then I think I'm done. This has been my first year growing greens, and I wish I had planted more.

And, finally, my own personal hybrid zone! I studied native plant hybridization when I was in school, and, while these Penstemmon aren't native, they have hybridized and are slowly taking over the front garden, which I will gladly allow. The previous owners of my house planted them, and I think started with a dark blue, a pink, and a white on the other side that's out of the picture. Now there are plants with a range of pinks and purples - it's cool to see how it changes a little each year.


  1. Congrats on the rehabilitation of your van! Have fun camping :)

    The Large Green Presence could very well be broccoli. All the Brussels sprouts I've seen have very obvious "buds" going all along the central stem, but I can't tell from your photo whether this plant is doing that.

  2. Van, dog, raised beds, and flowers all look great. Have fun! I'll keep you posted on the adventures of MzNoKidzOrKatz! :-) (not sure i'll add the Mz)

  3. My vote is Brussels sprouts. You'll know soon enough if you see the nodules forming on the stem, but that leaf shape and habit looks more sprout than broccoli to me. Also am very excited to meet you.

  4. I have planted both brussel sprouts and broc, but here in W NY, it is WAY behind yours.

  5. There ARE buds along the stem, so I bet these are Brussels sprouts. Good thing, too, because I would never intentionally buy them to plant. Now I get to try something new!

    Karen Sue - I didn't start them from seed, so got a head start. Things I have planted from seed this year have been draagggggingggg along.


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