Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was one of those days

Over the last two days at work I have:
- Emptied communal trash
- Made communal buffer
- Changed the toner cartridge for the communal printer
- Ordered communal lab equipment
- Mixed up more communal mosquito food

I suppose it's human nature to wait for someone else to do some of these things....


  1. But have you ever noticed that some people seem willing to wait FOREVER for someone else to do these things?? Arrrgh!

  2. My husband says the same thing to me about things like emptying the garbage and refilling the sugar bowl. I tell him that he and I have vastly different definitions of "empty" and "full" and that if he were willing to wait a little longer I would, in fact, empty the garbage and refill the sugar bowl!


Hi, sorry to make the humans do an extra step.