Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Things

I spent most of the day listening to talks at the conference, which were by and large really interesting. I went out on foot to get some dinner, and saw these two pieces in a shop. Aren't they great? I'm not much (at all) into miniatures, but the proportions on these are so perfect. If it's hard to tell how big these little things are, the tallest one is probably 2 inches tall.

Now, I must post this and get to work on some stuff for the workshop that is the second part of my trip.


  1. An interesting conference beats the other kind. Cool stuff!

  2. so, did you pack them up and ship them home?

  3. Ha! I did not pick them up and ship them home. The one in the bottom picture was over $300, which I do think is a fair price, especially if they were made by hand (hard to tell).


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