Saturday, June 12, 2010

Estes Park Sheep and Wool

Mr W, friend Deanna and I went to the wet woolliness that was the Estes Park Sheep and Wool Market. It was a dreary day, rainy and muddy, but we were prepared and had a good day. Above is a llama, and it and the other llamas were curious and pleasant and fun to visit.

We watched a sheep dog demo, but there was a lot more talking than demo-ing, so we left early.

There was a nice kids' tent, and here's a picture of Mr W making rope out of 12 strands of yarn with a gizmo that twists them together. We watched lots of spinning and weaving demos as well.

And there were vendors! Yes, indeed. Many (but not too many) vendors, with lots of stuff for sale. These are some nice ones.

And here is my purchase for the day, 5 skeins (400 yds. each) of sport weight yarn. Love the colorways with subtle variegation. These are in grey, sort of a slatey blue/green, and a dark magenta. I think I'll make socks with most of it. I'm in a stage where I'm using sport weight instead of fingering weight for socks. It goes so much faster!

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  1. I've never made socks, but i'd like to try it and I'm not terrible good at waiting, so sport might be better for me. What pattern do you use??


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