Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We got the word the other day that the contracts had been renewed for all of us contractors in my group at work. Although it's not entirely unexpected, it comes as a relief this time of year to get the go-ahead for another year. Initially, when I was learning to live on my own after the divorce, getting renewed represented security. I had some debt, and knowing I had a job for the next year eased my stress considerably about paying it down.

My boss is really good about advancing us along the step increases that regular federal employees get, so I was happy to hear that I will get a raise this year. Just so happens that it will almost cover that new van payment. *Poof* it's gone. That's OK. More than OK.

I just finished up one project and am gearing up to do the next. I'm training a summer worker to do the first part of what I do, and it's been interesting. She's primarily a field biologist, and getting her up to speed on doing the lab stuff makes me remember how many steps there are to each thing. As in, how many places there are to screw up if you're just starting out! But she's sharp, and will be up to speed soon. I love how stuff like this often ends up being useful to the person down the road. It'll add to her skill set as a biologist and that's good for a college student.

So, I'm content at work. I've let go for the moment the notion that the goal is to get a full time teaching position. I might pursue it some day, but for now I need to stay in the same town as my kid's dad and get Mr W raised and launched. After he goes off to school, it's anyone's guess, but for now, I'm here and that's good and enough.

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