Thursday, July 22, 2010


This summer's been pretty normal in terms of changing Mr W's parenting schedule around. It seems to go to 'one week here, one week there' during the summer and that seems to suit everyone. But with both his dad and I dating someone now, it can be a challenge to work around everyone's schedule.

Yesterday, I realized that I'd have Mr W during the week for two weeks straight, as well as bringing him to the RockyGrass festival on Saturday when he's technically supposed to be with his dad. This is in addition to the week of vacation we took. So naturally, I emailed x and said I needed a couple of days next week.

And he said no.

I was so angry at this! I had no leg to stand on because I had agreed to it previously. However, B is busy this weekend (when I'm free), and I very much want to see him, and I should have a sitter handy for times like these and don't, and the whole thing just made me seethe.

I huffed, I stomped back to my desk to look at my calendar, and, most importantly, I made myself NOT send a reply right away when x said he was going out of town and couldn't switch. That's a good thing. Overall, x and I enjoy a lot of flexibility in the parenting schedule and we often get to do what we want by switching things around. If I had emailed a nasty gram right away, I'd be sure to have trouble the next time I wanted to switch things around to suit my calendar.

What I did do was to send x an email saying I had watched Mr W for more days over the last two months than he has, and would he please pick up a few more days at the beginning of August. Diplomatic. Mature. Grown up, even. But not without the petulant child making a showing first.

I talked to B later and he saw this as a non-issue. People are busy, it's hard to coordinate schedules, we'll work it out. He's good that way.

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