Friday, July 30, 2010


Can you hear it? It's coming. The onslaught of zucchini and tomatoes is approaching and, frankly, I'm a little worried. You all know or can imagine the optimism at the beginning of the season, when two zucchini and three tomato plants didn't sound like so much. Using my garden's bounty is a challenge for a couple of reasons. This sounds like complaining, but I guess my biggest complaint lately is that I feel like I don't have enough time. OK, on to the reasons.

First, it's been hot. That doesn't stop the stuff from growing because it's on a water timer and it takes care of itself. And I love walking around my gardens no matter what the temperature. But I don't have air conditioning, and I am loathe to turn on the oven. This has kept me from cooking the two nice chickens that are in the freezer, and limits what I can do with the produce. I know, I should suck it up and cook at night - I'll get there.

Second, let's just say my kid is not a fan of either zukes or 'maters, and I'm not counting on a lot of help besides what we call the "no thank you" bite. Thankfully, I'm fairly certain that B will be a happy recipient of part of any dish I make, so that's good.

Third, and I don't know if this is a challenge, but the obligation not to waste this food does make me a little anxious. I mean it's not like I'm growing doughnuts out there, but the prospect of having a lot of food around the house makes me think I'll overeat. I guess the key is to make stuff and palm part of it off. I know a few people who are willing to take the veggies themselves, and if I make stuff that can be frozen or given away, I won't have a big pan of cheesy lasagna beckoning me from the fridge.

And the time thing. I think this is mostly because x and I have changed Mr W's schedule around for this month, and I've had him during the week for the last two weeks. I forget how much I use my kid-free weeknights to get stuff done. Hopefully next week, we'll get back to normal.

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  1. I could possibly help take some veggies off your hands--I don't know if I will be up your way anytime soon, but I love zucchini!


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