Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crisp crisp crisp

Mr. W and Sally and I went camping last night. We went up to Jack's Gulch again, where I've been two times already this summer. As far as camping spots go, it's now one of my favorites, although many of the trees in the picture below have been marked with pink paint, which I think means they are targeted for removal because of the beetle epidemic. Too bad, it's a really nice spot and it will look a lot different come spring.

You may have heard about several wildfires we've had lately in Colorado. As we drove up the Poudre Canyon, we saw the Smokey the Bear sign that indicates fire danger and it said "extreme". Most of the vegetation on the ground was crisp. They still allowed fires in the fire rings, and Mr W and I gathered and burned buckets of pine needles - they went up really fast. He also enjoyed dousing the fire when it was time to go to bed.

The weather is still kind of warm here for fall, but the evenings are crisp. It felt good to sit around a fire and look up at the stars while wearing a jacket.

Mr W pulled out his old Brio wooden train stuff, as he lost access to his DS for not doing his homework. He spent several hours of our camping time up in the second bunk building stuff. He hadn't played with it for a couple of years, since we sold off all his Thomas the Tank Engine stuff and put the Brio in the basement.

The last crisp I experienced was a truly phenomenal Jonagold apple we bought from Whole Foods. Possibly the best apple I've ever had. My mouth is watering as I write this, and I'm glad we bought 6 of them! In more apple-related goodness, my neighbor, the one who is doing a fix and flip on the house next door, picked bags and bags of apples from their tree and gave me a bag. Isn't that nice? I want to make some apple crisp with them, but they are also just good to eat as is.


  1. Losing a DS and forced to play with trains and his imagination? The irony/motto of punishment being good for a kid is pretty beneficial to him and us all. I'm with you on the deliciousness of fall apples, too. One of my favorite treats is apples and peanut butter - mmmm,mmmm,good! Keep posting Linda; your adoring fans love the insight.

  2. It is really ironic. I think sometimes he on some level welcomes someone pushing the reset button.

    Did you ever go to the PB store at the MOA? I remember Mary making a stop there when visited a few years ago. There's not much that doesn't go with PB!

  3. I get lyrics and stores mixed up - is there a peanut butter store in the MOA? At first I thought you meant Pottery Barn.
    TIRED - going to bed now!


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