Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm still slogging through my Passiflora vest, which I will finish about the time it's OK to wear it with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it. That's OK, I'm just not a fast knitter. This fact doesn't keep me from sometimes buying a sweater's worth of yarn with the high hopes of turning it into a nice sweater. I've got 10 balls of Pastaza that I bought last year and would like to turn into a sweater this year. I've posted some of the contenders here. The links are to the pattern info in Ravelry. Above is Ravenscar.

This is Acer, which I still really like. Pretty and practical.

This is called the Green Button Cardigan.

This is the Shalom cardigan.

And, finally, the Springfling cardigan. I like the open feel of this one.

At this point, this is a wish list. I need to finish that darn vest (which I think I will be happy with), and a pair of socks, and then I can think about which of these nice sweaters I'd like to knit.


  1. I like shalom and springfling the best. For sure. I really want to learn to knit. . .it is so cool that you can make things like this!

  2. Very nice sweaters. I'm hoping for a sweater this year. Just gotta get brave enough to start! I'm thinking ACER and GREEN BUTTON CARDIGAN might be easy enough for me, but I also have one from blog that is easy top-down raglan that I saw in a yarn shop last month that looked doable. I think it's on Ravelry, too. But I have friends that want to do a sock class and I'm in on that with them. and I have to re-felt some slippers that are not quite short enough. And the other felted clog to match the one I knitted so many choices

  3. I've been itchy to pick up my knitting lately, too. Obviously it must have something to do with the season, cooler weather, etc.

    Love the look of Acer. 'Course, I'm probably swayed by that luscious color of green also.

    I say go for it, girl, and post pictures of the progress for us to see.


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