Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I don't really believe in horoscopes, but I do like to visit Rob Brezney's site every once in a while and read what he's got to say. I don't know, I guess it gives me a little food for thought. Sometimes there's nothing relevant in them, but this week's was dead on. Here it is verbatim:

Let's say I was the director of a grade school play that included outdoor scenes, and you were a student trying out for a part. My inclination would be to offer you the role of the big oak tree, which would be on stage for much of the show but have no spoken lines to deliver. Would you accept my invitation with enthusiasm, and play the part with panache? I realize that on the surface, it may not seem like your performance would be of central importance. But as director I'd hope to be able to draw out of you a vibrant commitment to being steady and rooted. I'd rely on you to provide the strong, reassuring background that would encourage the actors in the foreground to express themselves freely.

Steady and rooted, that's me. Sometimes it's hard to know when to make some noise.

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