Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Doing things I haven't done for a while

I've done a fair bit of camping and hiking. When I got divorced, I kind of turned my back on it for a while. Add to this the long distance relationship (be a parent, work, work, travel for the relationship, work, repeat) for a couple of years, and this summer has felt like I'm revisiting old enjoyable, familiar things, as opposed to trying new stuff outright. It's largely due to dating someone for whom this stuff is second nature, and I'm at the same time thrilled to be out doing stuff, and a little trepidacious about being able to keep up.

That fear is largely unfounded, though. I'm OK with the fact that I'm slow on a bike and when hiking. It's not a race.

This weekend? Backpacking.

It's great that our local REI store rents these backpacks. It's a women's model, and the one I tried on in the store felt good (when it was empty!). My mind is busy thinking about what I should bring.
Two items I did go ahead and purchase are a new sleeping pad and one of these chair-makers. My old pad is heavy and good for car camping. My lower back is twingey now and then, and I thought that having some back support when we're done hiking for the day would be a good thing. Many would see the 11 oz. as unnecessary, but I want to increase my chances of having a good time and not worrying about my back.

Sally gets to come, so I'll probably borrow a dog pack from B and see if we can have her carry her own food and blanket. It's only fair.

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  1. I always packed my own nail polish and file, too. Have fun - and post photos soon.

  2. Ha! I'm wondering how I'm going to pack half and half for my coffee...


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