Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boom Shakalaka

Here is my latest knitting project. It's a Cadence sweater, by Jordana Paige. If you click through to look at the pattern, you'll see that it has this really wide neckline, which initially turned me off to the pattern. But good old Ravelry shows several projects where people have cast on with smaller needles, then switched to the needles the pattern calls for when they start the chart. How clever! So I cast on with size 7's, and then switched to 10's. Too early to tell if this worked, but I think it will be OK.

Here's a close up of one of the pattern repeats. The Cadence name is apt, as I have gotten into a rhythm working around them. You might also get a sense from the pictures that this is bulky yarn. I am such a fan of bulky yarns for sweaters. This is Cascade's Ecological Wool, which is a really good deal, at $15.00 for 400+ yards of yarn. I love the look of a sweater made from DK yarn, but just don't have the time to spend with that skinny yarn. This way, I can see my progress and actually have a chance to wear this thing before it gets warm. C'mon spring, I dare you to come early!


  1. Making a change like that to the neckline almost makes the knitting more fun. The more of the sweater you knit, the more you'll be able to see just exactly what your new, improved neckline will look like! Very pretty pattern. Keep giving us progress pictures, please.

  2. I'm a sort of math brain and I'm just a basic knitter, but I look at a pattern and go "wow, but I have this worsted I really like - does worsted x2 =bulky??" or do I need bigger or smaller needles and increasing or decreasing stitches to fit this better...

  3. Karen Sue,
    It might, depends on the yarn. I'd knit a guage swatch (about 4" x 4") on needles that are close to what the pattern calls for and see if you get guage. Adding or subtracting stitches gets confusing pretty fast for me, but some people do it.


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