Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts and possible news

My presentation went really well yesterday. It was a relief to have it over, and the whole day's worth of talks (a symposium on the bugs I work with) was interesting. A couple of near-snoozers, but overall good stuff. Note to people giving presentations: Leave your 30 row tables at home and just give us the good stuff, OK?

Last night, my boss and I went out to dinner with some collaborators, and they really liked the stuff I've done so far with their mosquitoes. There's talk of more collaboration, and me training one of them in our techniques. And talk of how to get as much done as I can before leaving at the end of July. Today I sat in on another symposium on the outbreak of West Nile disease in AZ last year, which a group from the CDC responded to and then gave talks on today.

As I listened to the talks, I thought to myself, "I'm going to miss these people; I'm going to miss this." Erg, kinda sad about it. My friend from work moved to WI to start a new job, and I miss her, too.

Well, tonight was the banquet. Man, the food was so good! I'm still full, 3 hours later. Anyway, My boss told me tonight there is talk about these collaborators putting up money to keep me on for an additional three months past the end of July. It's not a full reprieve, but they're trying, and maybe they can find some more money in the meantime to keep me another year. It feels good to see they'd like to see me stay.


  1. Yippee and kudos to you, Kiddo! When bosses are fighting these days to keep an employee, that employee must be someone special.

    What's the latest with the possible teaching positions in the works? How would that balance out with the "possibility" of you staying on in your current position?

  2. Thanks, MP. I'm happy they are making the effort.

    I heard BUPKIS about the teaching positions. Nothing. I'm wondering if the applications, which I mailed, didn't get there in time, as I mailed them on a Monday, they were due on the following Friday, and we had a snow day in between. I'm not sure I want to know if that's the case. :-(


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