Sunday, March 20, 2011

Off to see Mickey

I'm going to Anaheim, CA for a conference soon. I've got my computer and camera, so I'll try to post some pictures. Since work will pay for me to check a bag, by golly I will. I'm also going big time and bringing my sweater knitting project to work on at the conference - that seems so decadent!

One weird thing is that the weather (think southern CA in spring) is supposed to be rainy and low-60's. Blech. The conference is at one of the hotels at Disneyland, and I'm staying at another hotel close by. I'll try to get over to the park once, although I admit the Disney stuff doesn't hold much magic for me.

It's a small world after all....


  1. Too bad you can't put Mr. W in that check on bag. Or me. I'd do Disneyland with you. :o)

  2. Do you have a roommate..? Maybe I should drive down and have dinner with you Tues or Wed???

  3. Suzanne, I don't have a roommate, but I only have one bed :-( I have to do a working dinner on Tuesday, what are you doing Wednesday? I don't have a car until Thursday, when I drive to PS.

  4. Linda - I had good intentions, but now have an appointment Wednesday and have to be at work by 10am on Thursday morning. We could have worked out the bed thing; ask Mary, I stay on my side! Maybe next time. I hope you are enjoying the conference.



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