Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A short dispatch from Anaheim

Well, I did it again. Chose a hotel that is a little too far from the conference. Not horrible, but a 12 minute walk, and I don't want to walk it after about 7 pm. I should just take taxis, there are plenty.

Can someone explain the appeal of Disney to me without using the word magic? Or using it and defining it somehow? I just don't get it. I haven't seen much of the park, as the hotel where the conference is is on the edge. We can walk through "Disney Downtown" which has shops and food, and then yesterday I went through a slice of the park on my way to catch a shuttle (which ended up being as long of a walk as going from my hotel). It's been chilly here, and it looks like they don't have everything open as they might if it were warmer.

Anyway, the conference is pretty good. It's got more of a trade show feel to it, and people are dressed up more here than at the academic conferences I'm used to. On a bright note, I saw my boss get an award from the Association whose conference this is, and that was a nice surprise. He hadn't let on that he was getting it. The talks have been OK. My world of population genetics is an infinitesimal part of the scene and that's fine. My talk is ready to go, I'll run through it one more time before I leave this morning. We've got 20 minutes, and if a ramble through it, it's 19 minutes. Perfect.

I had a dream the other night. I went into a room and there were two dead trees in pots. Small trees, like citrus. The smaller pot was sitting in the dirt of the larger pot, but they both had sand in them (which doesn't hold water, right?). So I was presented with these things, and my first inclination was to water them, which I did, trying to revive them, but I realized they were too far gone, and that with the sand, the water wouldn't help anyway. I'm pretty sure this has to do with past relationships.

OK, up and at 'em!!


  1. I have dreams where I have pushed former loves down dark stairwells and into cesspools. All inadvertently of course. I've never dreamed about planting them in sand and forgetting to water them, though I think that's closer to my real life experience.

    Oh, and I can't explain it to you because I don't understand the allure of theme parks, either. Give me a cool, historic urban downtown any day instead. Or a bookstore. Or an upscale mall. Or a museum or art gallery. Brew pub. Home in my pajamas...

  2. I'm thinking your trip would have a better over-all feel to it if it were sunny and warm. Sunshine this time of year can help anything! Such a bummer when you go visit a place (of any kind!) and it feels like it's not totally "open" . . . just operating half-heartedly.

  3. Disneyland (not world) is the Happiest Place On Earth.

  4. Disneyland (not world) is the Happiest Place On Earth.


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