Monday, March 19, 2012

As close as it gets

I've got room for one seed starting tray, and it has its own light source that I made the frame for after seeing them advertised and saying, "I can probably do that". It's been so warm here (most everywhere, it seems) that it felt like I was slow getting anything started, although mid-March is exactly the time (two months before our frost date).

Most things I'll grow will be direct-sown, and I'll buy a few starts. But I wanted to feel like I was doing SOMETHING while it's 70+ degrees outside. So, after careful consideration, I started the following vegetable/fruit seeds:
Cantaloupe - two varieties, both supposedly early
Broccoli - two kinds
Lettuce - I usually buy starts, but we'll see how this goes

And then I thought I'd start some flower seeds and see how that goes:
Zinnias - two of the giant varieties
Monarda - got these at a talk, so I'm not sure if it's Bergamot or the red garden Monarda
Sweet peas - I thought I'd trail them up the old clothesline posts that are in the yard

Let's see, I started the seeds a few days ago, and the broccoli and zinnias are already sprouted. That's as close to instant gratification as it gets, IMO, and it makes me feel good to be growing this stuff.

In other news, I'm going to again make a push to sell Gracie the campervan. I took her to the shop because she was leaking in several places (poor thing) and was asked if I had let her sit most of the winter. Yes, because I was a little concerned she'd overheat or break down - irrational, I see now. My most wonderful mechanic gave her a clean bill of health, and she is ready to go. I've been driving her around more, and found the pictures I took last summer (when she was freshly vacuumed) that I'll use for a classified ad. I'm going to post it on one or two of the sites specifically for VW fans and I think that is the way to go. I have mixed feelings about selling the van, and if I could have it and not have to deal with the maintenance,  I would. But that part of it is a pain (as I knew it would be) and when I'm honest about it, I don't want to camp by myself right now. I spend enough time by myself, I don't want to take a trip to do it.

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  1. I would think that this is a good time to put Gracie back on the market. I can relate to the traveling-by-oneself thing. Trips should be shared -- unless they're ego trips! You'll have to post pictures of your sprouts - it will perk us all up.


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