Monday, March 26, 2012

That's where I planted those bulbs

Most years, when it gets to be Spring, I'm annoyed with myself for not making the effort to plant bulbs the year before. But last year I finally bought some AND got them in the ground. Sometimes the second part is sort of tricky. I'm a fan of the clump of color, as opposed to spacing them out, which would require more digging than I'm usually willing to do. 

I was outside a couple of days ago and saw these had come up. My first thought was, "Oh, I forgot I had planted those." I wonder if the squirrels are so dense. I did remember planting tulips by the back door, and those are coming up nicely. The other surprise was going out to look at these yesterday and there were several daffodil leaves starting to poke up behind the iris. Oh yeah...

I watered everything but my grass yesterday. It's been really dry this month. March is usually a wet one around here. We were talking about it at the dog park yesterday, and a friend said that we're still at normal or a little above precipitation levels for the season. We got a couple of good dumps of snow early on, but it seems like a long time ago.

In other news, I've made an appointment with the kitchen designer for tomorrow afternoon and am pretty excited. Mr W had a friend sleep over Saturday night, and it reminded me of yet another thing I'd like to do to this house. My living room runs the most of the length house (25') and I've thought about getting a wall put up with (yet another) pocket door to make a living room which could sort of be a living room/rec room/guest room and then have the other side as the dining room, which would also have the doorway to the (to be built) deck. Sorry if this description is lacking. I'm still mulling over ideas, and they're coming out as blog posts.

This push to DO something to the house is exciting. It's also an admission that I'm OK being here for a while. 

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