Thursday, March 1, 2012

That's my boy

My son, the wonderful Mr W, completed the church's middle school sexuality and relationships class last night. I'm really glad he went through it, and although it embarrasses him greatly to discuss the racier parts of what was covered, I feel secure knowing he was exposed to the ideas and the vocabulary. It's like a little investment in the health of his future relationships.

As part of the last session, parents were invited to join the kids (about 20 of them) for a round of trivia, parents vs. kids. There were several categories, and each category had a 100, a 200 and a 300 point question. I volunteered to answer a question, something on relationships. When I asked her to repeat the question, Mr W says, "Hey, be quiet, that's my mom". Several parents near me were heard to utter "Aww, that's sweet."

His turn to answer a question. He picks an anatomy question for 300. His question is something along the lines of "What is the name of the female sexual organ..." He immediately turns to consult with the girls (a gesture I am proud to see). He answers correctly with that word that can rhyme with "Dolores". I say, "That's my boy!"

The parents won, but not by much. It was a fun exercise and a chance for the parents to see the camaraderie among the kids as well.

In other kid news, the P.E. teacher is starting a track program for the kids after school once a week. That, along with the running club and the science club (I keep asking if they've gotten to blow things up, and have been thus far disappointed) means the kid is finally doing a couple of after school things and his brain won't deteriorate from only doing video games with his free time. Phew! I'm pretty jazzed about him running a couple of times a week, and need to curb my enthusiasm so I don't squash his.


  1. For sure, all happy things! Lucky mom, lucky son.

  2. That's a great idea - it's so much better when kids get good information. And what an even greater idea to involve the parents! You two make a very good team.


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