Saturday, March 17, 2012

Proceeding after the procedure

I had a procedure done at the doctor's yesterday, and I guess it was about as I expected. Some discomfort, but no pain after she administered the local anesthetic. Phew! I hate that pain stuff. She was tops; I like this doctor a lot. She's been in the business for a long time, but still gives a hoot in a way that I don't think can be faked. 

Poor thing, the morning I was supposed to have this thing done back in February, she fell on the ice and as a result had to have shoulder surgery. She still had an immobilizer thing on, but could easily do the moves for the procedure. What a trooper! She even hugged me when we were done - how sweet.

I took the day off from work, and Mr W hung out at his dad's office for the time I was at the doctor, so I picked him up and we headed back to the house. Nothing hurt, but when the even low grade anxiety of a doctor's visit bleeds away, there's something else left there. I was a little tired, but didn't want to sleep. I realized about then that having to have this thing done had been weighing on me a little. Not because of any complications or big discoveries, but because it would be uncomfortable. 

So the release/relief of having it done flowed right into this creative stint where I got a lot done. I think no small part of it stems from feeling normally like I need to "get things done" and don't have time to play. So, I assembled some bracelets, and did some button photography. 

Ta-da! New bracelets that aren't quite finished yet.. I made these to be for smaller wrists, so will take off the last two glue pads (the second one from the bottom needs one more watch part that I need to glue on). I'll also replace the clasp with something nicer. 

These are a little different from the others in that I wanted to use two of the little glass cabochons for pops of color, four clay medallions, and no buttons. At some point this weekend, I'll get them photographed and up on the Etsy shop

I've been making lots of buttons, so it was time to get some of those photographed. I'm still goofing around with a display/packaging card for them, so went ahead and took pictures without the card. The photography part takes a long time. If I'm going to keep doing this, I need to get better image editing software. 

I hope at some point to get the buttons packaged and make a little sales pitch to either the yarn shop that I like, or the sewing store downtown. I'd like to have it all together (it, not me...) so that I have a little display stand that is stocked with buttons that I can show a store owner.

In other news, I got plans. I'm going to our St. Patrick's Day parade in a couple of hours, and am meeting friends from the dog park for lunch afterwards. Then tonight, there's a concert at the place I like to see music at (starts at 7:30, is coordinated by friends). No green beer for me, though. I was put on some meds that say "Do not drink alcohol", so I'll be sipping soda. There was a time when this would feel weird, but it's no biggie. The weather continues to be very spring like, so I'll try to get some yard work done as well. It's supposed to snow in a few days, consistent with it being Colorado.


  1. Hoping you are feeling better the farther you get away from yesterday's procedure.

    Bracelets and buttons are lovely. Have you thought of making round buttons? Not as unusual or edgy as your square ones are (which I really like), but I'm thinking of the square ones going through a knitted buttonhole . . . maybe not so smoothly?

  2. I make half square and half round of each color (you can see some in the bowl photo). Good point though, they do have to be threaded through a button hole starting with a corner.


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