Friday, March 16, 2012


I've got a doctor's appointment this morning. I'm getting a minor procedure done that's minor enough that I can drive myself to and from the appointment and expect to have a normal day. Once it's done, I shouldn't have to fuss with this issue again for a while, so that's good.

This appointment had been scheduled for a few weeks ago, but about 30 minutes before my appointment, the office called to say the Dr. had slipped on the ice and hurt her shoulder. Ouch.

I want to say this next part without seeming like I'm feeling sorry for myself. It just hit me that I do this kind of thing these days with minimal knowledge sharing, because I don't feel there's an appropriate person occupying the appropriate spot in my life. If this thing were serious, I'd feel compelled to tell a few people. As it is, it's minor, and it felt kind of odd that there was no one to tell.

The weather here has been great lately. I'm going to get out this weekend and plant some lettuce and broccoli in the raised beds. I've picked out the seeds I want to start inside, and am including some zinnias that will benefit from the early start. I love those big zinnias. So hardy, so persistent, so non-fussy.


  1. I'm sure there must be a gazillion little instances like you've just described that those of us blessed with a life's partner never even give thought to. (Baaad sentence, Mama Pea!) I do think they are probably people living alone who are very happy, but I don't think we as humans were meant to be that way. We need someone to listen to us, bounce thoughts and ideas off of and have for support in all things. I totally understand what you've said.

    Yay, for zinnias! I always have some in my garden. I love them for beautiful, colorful bouquets brought inside.

  2. What always gets me is the part when I have to fill out a form with an Emergency Contact. Tooling along just fine, and then whammo with the reminder that I got nobody. The other day I had to sign a waiver for rock climbing. I was happy to be doing this with new friends, but ended up putting my mother's name and contact info on the form. Boy, would *she* be surprised to get a call if I fell!

  3. Of course you can always tell us! It is hard to have no one close to talk to. I have parents within 45 mins, but I do not have them as my emergency contacts, given their ages. I use my neighbor. And hope that she is around when "they" call. And I tell my dogs everything. I love zinnias, too. They are so regal.

  4. Thanks for your comments, all.

    I've got my advisor from grad school (who is in town and also a friend) or another friend for my emergency contacts. Glad to have them.

    Zinnias rock!


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