Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catalog deluge

Yes, for me this is a deluge of catalogs. It's funny, for several years it seemed I got a few, three or four for the whole Christmas season. In this age of heightened environmental awareness I was A-OK with not receiving many (any) catalogs. I figured that companies were cutting back on printed materials to save money. 

Ha! It does not appear, if the four catalogs each from LLBean and Landsend are any indication, that companies are doing anything of the sort. I must have gotten on some lists so I'm getting a bunch of new ones as well. 

I have them close to me so I can take a stab at looking at them, but I'm not so motivated at the moment. Truth is, my buying list is pretty short. Mr W wants one big thing (again), so he'll be easy to buy for, and I have a pretty good idea for the short list of nieces, nephews and parent that remain. Since I got them, though, I feel sort of obligated to try to look at them. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. You can go to catalog choice.org and have the catalogs stopped that you don't want to receive. Cut down my junk mail tremendously.

  2. I trot mine straight from the mailbox into the recycle bin. I get TONS.


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