Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Week Rainbow

There was a magnificent rainbow on display this morning as I took Mr W to his day care. These pictures are (obviously) taken from my car. It was a screamer of a rainbow, too. Its ends brightened and faded, but it spent a lot of time being a whole rainbow. Mr W and I agreed that it was very cool to see the rainbow in front of the foothills.

In other news, I had a tech come out and look at a problem we've been having on a piece of equipment. "Been having" as in this is the third time its happened and my frustration at not being able to do my work was obvious. Also, I was annoyed that we have a new company servicing this equipment, instead of the people that manufactured the thing. My hopes were not high for this visit, and he was taking forEVER.

And you know what? I think he sussed out what the problem was, and furthermore, it's probably something I was doing. Damn!! The thing's got a cover that flips up and down and you're supposed to turn these screws to get everything tightened down. Lo and behold, I have not been tightening the screws enough, and we think that's led to the thing not working right. So it's not something that needed to be fixed per se, but rather an adjustment on my part. We wouldn't have figured it out unless the guy was as thorough as he was. I'm looking forward to getting up and running on this machine again.

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