Thursday, December 9, 2010


To enlighten those of you lucky dogs who are already in a relationship and aren't familiar with the workings of, I will share the following humorous anecdote. And, I am a little envious of you, btw. OK, so on the site, if you are a paying member, you can send and receive emails, and also see who has taken a look at your profile. It is that last feature of Match that I think is so addictive - "who's viewed me?"

Everyone, though, can "wink" for free. The way it works is that if I (and I don't use winks, I'd rather show I'm interested by risking whatever and sending an email) find someone attractive, then I can wink at them. This tells them I'm interested, and then supposedly (hopefully?) he emails back and we live happily ever after.

So, I've gotten a few winks, some from people who haven't even looked at my profile. But I got a wink from a guy yesterday, who is local, and wrote a good profile. Maybe this wasn't the right way to go, but I sent him an email whose subject line was "winks are lame!". The email itself was one sentence: "I challenge you to write a haiku about the holidays, instead".

My thinking was that if this person would take the challenge, then for sure he'd be someone I'd at least like to have coffee with. Yes, it was a bit sassy, and maybe pushy. He responded only a couple of minutes later, which is unusual for the way it works on Match. His response was:

"Sorry, I don't speak Japanese"

OK, he surprised me on that one, and I still don't know if he was serious or not. His profile has several pictures of dirt bikes and snow mobiles, and is it possible that someone would not know what a haiku was? But he knew it was Japanese. Your thoughts?

*Sigh* I'm ready to take a bit of a break from Match. A week, I think. I did email someone yesterday, who seems really interesting, but has one big red flag for me (he's trying to quit smoking). But, I haven't heard anything, and he can email even if I take my profile down. The thought of being given a break from Match has made me a little excited, so it's probably time.


  1. My 2 cents worth: His reply didn't seem very friendly to me. Lots of other short replies (of the flirty type) he could have made to show interest. But still, he DID reply so he should get 1/2 a point. Nope, on second thought, if he were truly interested the reply should have been "better" than that.

    Disregard above. I know not of what I speak. ;o)

  2. I took his reply as a smart-ass remark. I'd respond with a haiku describing his response in a funny way. I have always had some difficulty with email, no tone of voice, no body language cues, no eye contact. So I sometimes interpret the message incorrectly. I think his near immediate response was a positive. As for the other guy, "trying to quit" still qualifies him as a smoker, kind of a gray area akin to "separated".

  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    Here's one that my SIL left me on FB (note the structure of the reply):

    If only he wrote:

    I'm sorry to say
    that Japanese is not a
    language that I speak

    Then you would have to email him immediately! But alas, it seems he doesn't speak the language if Linda-loo-love. Onward!

    To which I replied that I would have nearly fainted had he ponied up that kind of response and then said:

    Don't know much about
    the laws of attraction but
    haiku writers - wow!!

    Clever, see? I like that.


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