Sunday, December 12, 2010

Temporary Setback

There I was, minding my own business last night, when I was beset upon by a bout of food poisoning. After a lovely day, I ended up with a frequently-interrupted night's sleep, after which I got up for a bit, drank some water, and went back to bed for another couple of hours. The dog was looking at me oddly, but is supportive in her Sally-ish way. Staying close.

Thank the gods for Immodium. I know there's times when you don't want to use it, but after the offending food is, um, gone, it makes a big difference. It's a weird feeling, having this happen when I'm by myself. On the one hand, I don't really want anyone around, but on the other, it'd be nice to wring some sympathy out of a supportive partner. I know I could have called someone if it came to that. Heck, I could have driven myself to the ER if necessary.

Today I feel better. I ate a small bowl of cereal, and am sipping on some coffee, here at almost noon, and things seem to be staying put in a good way. I need to cook a meal for some folks at church, and it is (I'm so sorry to report to the people east of here that read the blog) going to be 50 and sunny today, so would like to take Sally out for a short hike, if I feel up to it. Otherwise, I think it's a pull-out-the-knitting and take it easy sort of day.


  1. Yuck! What the heck did you get into? (It couldn't have been the exercising that you're allergic to, could it? Just kidding.)

    Glad to see that it passed (pun intended) quickly and that you're feeling better.

    We had bright sun all day but frigid temps. Going to go below zero tonight for sure.

  2. Thanks - much better this morning.


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