Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do no harm

I'm not all that good at home repair or improvement projects. I'll figure out some kind of band-aid type fix for as long as I can, and then maybe try to fix it, or have someone come in. Case in point is my kitchen sink. For the last, oh, I don't know, maybe year, it's been leaking. My solution? Put a pan under the leak, which gets emptied daily. Somewhere along this time, the disposal stopped working, so I've been trying to not let any food go down that sink. The other day, the sink faucet seems to have developed a slow leak.

I guess it's time to do something about this. I've looked at the plumbing book from the library, and it doesn't look too hard to replace an existing disposal. I'll get some washers to fix the leaky faucet today, and have to replace the part under the sink that's leaking too. I went to Home Depot last night, thinking two things: 1) nothing shouts "I'm single!" like going to HD by yourself on a Friday night, and 2) there should be ample help around, because no one shops on Friday nights. Well, I managed to walk in the store, find the disposals, pick one out, and pay for my purchase with the self-check register, all without one HD employee talking to me. Not one.

After I finished, I went up to the girl who was staffing the self-check registers and told her this, and she said, "I'm so sorry! Can we help you?" And I said, "No, I'm going to go to Ace now, and get the rest of the parts I need. You people need to circulate more instead of standing around talking."

So I went to Ace, which is closer to my house anyway, and the nice older guy sold me a kit, which doesn't quite work, but I'll go back today and get the right pieces. Wish me luck, I'll post pictures and hopefully get this done today. In a flash of brilliance, I remembered I should wash the sinkful of dishes BEFORE I get started, just in case this takes a couple of days.


  1. You go, Girl! Sending admiration . . . and crossed fingers that THE PROJECT goes well.

  2. How'd it go? I always feel like I *should* be able to do that stuff and then realize halfway through that I can't. Having a plumber to call to finish an "easy" job? Priceless.

    I followed your excellent lead and hid my match profile too. I feel relieved to not have to mess with that stuff.

  3. Good for you! Despite my aching hands, I replaced my old kitchen faucet on Saturday. I purchased the new one a month ago, and grew weary of waiting on the plumber to show up. It took me over three hours, but no more drips and a spray function that works!

  4. I'd rather have gone to lunch with you and Deanna!


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