Friday, April 29, 2011


For as much as I'm a fan and proponent of science, I also recognize that there are workings that are beyond the reach of my conscious mind. I bought myself a Tarot deck a few years ago, and pull it out occasionally. IMO, it taps into what I am already thinking or feeling at some level, and brings it up for discussion (with myself, of course). I'm a total newbie/novice, but still manage to get something out of it a lot of the time.

This card came up in the "probable future" spot in the reading. For me at this time, this one's all about control.

Here's a blurb:

"The lesson of the Four of Pentacles is that control is impossible. We stand in the world as in a great ocean. Who could manage or possess such power? The only way to keep from drowning is to ride the currents. The ocean will support us as long as we swim with the flow."

Between my job search and my Mr. Right search, I've been weighed heavy with trying to make things happen. And happen NOW. Or when I want them to. With this in mind, I wanted to let these two aspects of my life know that I'm going to be letting them both go on their own for the weekend. I'm going to turn my computer off for much of the time, and work out in my garden. I'm going for coffee with new prospect P, and probably will try to hike with Sally on Sunday.

It's hard to let go!

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  1. And yet it seems to me that one of your greatest strengths is being proactive. Guess it all boils down to a happy medium, eh? That slippery "balance" in life is much more difficult to attain (and maintain!) than it should be!! Take it from one who feels very out-of-kilter at the moment. :o\


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