Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Open Letter to Mike G

Dear Mike (for those of you who don't know Mike, he's a good friend of my brother's and commenter here):

Just wanted to let you know that I took your recent advice to wish for my prince to come. While I was washing dishes on Friday night, I said, out loud, "I want to meet him. I want to meet a nice guy who is potential partner material."

I'd thought share how my day went yesterday (the next day, Saturday).

1. I went hiking with a local Meet Up group. We went to the Red Mountain Open Space north of Fort Collins, where it was (and always is) windy but really beautiful country. When we first got there, there was a group member from Laramie, WY (which is about an hour north of FC) who met us there, and he was driving a red Insight like SIL Mary's. I went over to see how he liked it and we talked a bit. Later in the hike, we were chatting, and it turns out he's from Ohio, and went to the same college that I went to, but graduated a couple of years before I got there. He's asked me out for coffee, and we're volleying emails to set it up.

2. Riding as a passenger on the way to the hike, I'm checking my email, and see that a guy from the dog park who is part of our little group that always seems to bring their dogs there at the same time, has sent me a message, saying if I ever wanted help in my garden, to give him a call. I see him as a friend, but it's still nice to be asked, you know?

3. Finally, in the evening, I drove to Denver and met up with old friend (and former long distance relationship guy) CB, who had been in town leading a tour. I sat in on their last dinner, and it was a really nice experience to see how CB and his co-leader interact with the clients, and how much they obviously enjoying themselves. I was not expecting to feel pretty much the same about him, after a year and a half of being apart. So goes this matter of the heart. It was great to see him. The combination of the 900 mile distance and the need to be good parents to our young kids is difficult to surmount.

How's that for asking and receiving?

I mean, I've been whining for months now about this, but I haven't actually sent a request to... um, whoever receives such things. I'm a nerd who is firmly on the side of science on most things, but the degree of coincidence here is a little freaky.


  1. I always wonder if it's a case of putting yourself in the right spot to be able to receive what you wish for. Do we have to literally say it out loud for our subconscious to hear it and gather all our little cells into formation so we're programmed to receive? Our mind is a strong (STRONG) thing. I think if we project negativity that sends out a vibration that attracts negativity. (Like attracts like?) Same for the reverse. If we're sending out good (positive) vibes, that is what will come back to us. So rather than thinking/concentrating (even subconsciously) on what is lacking in our life, we need to put out those fuzzy, feel good thoughts of what would be really, really nice to receive. (Simple, huh? Nope. Getting control of the ol' mind is a full time job, at least for me! :o})

  2. Linda, that's great and I love Mike's advice to ask for what you want... I think it's called living with intention, isn't it? Feeling worthy, ready, and being open to the universe...

    I'll share a little with you about my personal intentions: After much hiding, growing, and some whining I did the same thing and I finally feel that I have met someone really great. He's me, but a guy and @ 6' 6" he is the world's tallest leprechaun (Irish). I'm ready; I've done the work; grown and healed; and I told myself that I will be open to what the universe brings me... After 4-years I think it's about time...

    Best to you (and me) my friend!! Suzanne

  3. There are no coincidences. Life unfolds as it will, and ultimately as it should. Have fun with this!

  4. Ask and you shall receive!! Ask often and you shall receive much!!!! I am honored you took the advice.

  5. I'm not certain whether life: has no coincidences, has occasional coincidences, or is made completely of coincidences and therefore we should marvel all the more when things work to our liking.

    Nevertheless, P (as this new person shall be called) has emailed and we're set for a lunch date soon.

    Now, if I could just get an interview...



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