Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sleep. And contract work

I should start this out by saying that I found out yesterday that I will get that bit of funding to take me three months or so past the end of my work contract. That is very good, although the details have yet to be worked out and I'll have to be some kind of other contractor, where I buy my own health insurance and take out my own taxes. I don't dislike that, it's just that I don't want to do it wrong. And ambivalent is the word of the hour there; it is great to get a little extension (so I'll have a job through Halloween) but my need/want to have a full time thing is still pretty strong.

This segues nicely into what I wanted to say about sleep. When things are humming along, I'll get about 7-7.5 hours of sleep during the week, and maybe 8-9 on the weekends. I wake up once, and then go back to sleep pretty easily. When my mind is occupied with thoughts of things that are not settled, it makes me wake up early. I'm thankful that I usually don't have trouble falling asleep, but I'll wake up earlier than I want to.

Anyway, I can tell a difference when I've gotten a couple of decent nights' sleep because I start to plan. I start to think forward, and that is a good feeling. I woke up this morning feeling that way, and am relieved. I have a lot of work to get done in the garden/yard this weekend, and it helps to be looking forward to it with enthusiasm.

I've always envied those people who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and do 8-9 hours, no matter where they are or what's going on in their lives. I've wondered if a person could be trained to be more like that.

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  1. Ha! All day yesterday I was thinking about writing a blog on sleep today! Is there something in the air that hit both of us?

    Glad to hear you know for sure you will have your present job until late fall, but I totally understand how you still feel the need to secure something that will be permanent. Or as permanent as one can expect to get these days. Thinking about you and hoping just the "right" opportunity comes along.


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