Friday, April 1, 2011

National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month in April, and I thought I would give myself a light challenge of writing at least 10 haiku (haikus?) this month. Sounds pretty reasonable, especially since I'm going to use one that I wrote a while ago to start off.  The poster above is from the 2010 celebration and I just love it for some reason. Love how it looks like paper cutouts assembled together, love the colors, love the line of poetry. It just really does it for me. I have this image on my desktop at work (I guess for about a year now!).

OK, here's #1:

Don't know much about
the laws of attraction, but
haiku writers, wow!

I wrote this when I was doing the online dating thing.

Hey, here's an idea! Feel free to play along.


  1. Can't get it going
    My body won't move today
    Beat up from bad dreams

    How's that for a downer start to the day? I can't write poetry and certainly not Haiku. Did I do it anywhere close to right? (I'm having trouble counting, too.) :o}

  2. Yup, that works! Sorry to hear of the bad night followed by a poor start to the day. Hope things improve soon.


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