Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beer and Knitting

Ha! What could be better, right? Wonderful thing that Facebook is, I saw yesterday that my local yarn shop (LYS) was going to be partnering with a new microbrewery in town to host "Pints and Purls" on Wednesdays. Better yet, it was a hop, skip and a jump from where I work out, so I headed over there yesterday (in my workout clothes, but no one cared) and had a root beer and chatted with some knitters. Yes, I'll have a beer next time...

I love this idea, and I noticed something very interesting. Attending a social event where I don't know anyone is getting easier (as in over the last few years it's getting easier), and I can do it, but it is work sometimes. I did this at an event last Friday, where it seemed everyone knew each other but me. My solution to that kind of thing is to go up to the nearest group and say, "Hi all, I'm new and don't know anyone, so can I stand here for a bit?" That is really all it takes to get going, but sometimes feels like work. The person I happened to talk to knows my new next door neighbors. Go figure.

Not so with beer and knitting. OK, I did know the owner of the LYS, who said hi, so I technically knew one person. But showing up with my knitting bag, and having them know I was a knitter gave me some instant cred that -bam!- I was part of the group. Granted, I was able to get into a discussion about turning heels on socks, so I could hang, but still, that feeling of "these people are part of my tribe" was a good one. How fun is that.

And I am feeling like knitting again. I've got my eye on a new sweater pattern, and vow this year to start making my socks two at a time. The sweater is plain - but functional! Here's the Ravelry link. I have, I am ashamed and sad to say, 4 single socks where I have not started the other one of the pair. Maybe I should wear those as two pairs and be done with it.

In other news, I had my second banjo lesson on Tuesday, and my fingertips on my left hand are still sensitive. What a pansy. My instructor is still a hoot, and I'm hoping, because now I'm dragging Mr W along with me due to a parenting schedule change that he'll decide he wants to take up either banjo or guitar. We'll see. He thought she was funny, too. I'm so glad I did this banjo thing. I've already gotten a lot of pleasure from the process.

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