Sunday, August 7, 2011

The sleep experiment

So I've been taking some steps to get myself a better night's sleep the last few days. My thinking was that I wanted to see how it felt to actually be rested after a few good night's sleep, because lately I've been having trouble sleeping.

And you know what? I can feel the difference. It manifests itself as optimism, and also as the desire to create something. That last one's been especially strong lately. It doesn't feel like I want to start knitting yet (too warm), but I feel the need to make something with my hands.

I KNOW I have so much to be thankful for. I WANT to feel appreciative for all the things that go right in a day. For all the ways that my life works out as one that I'm happy leading. I WANT to be content. Getting enough rest is such a simple concept, but I feel like it's hard to get at these things if I'm not rested at some minimal level.

In other news, I've not gotten the closure email from BW yet. I don't know, it just a courtesy thing that would be nice to have. The "thanks, I liked getting to know you, good luck in your search" blurb. I agree that we do learn something from each person that we have a relationship with, and I have several nuggets of wisdom from him (from just the way he is, not anything he's trying to sell) that I have learned. If I don't hear from him in a couple of days, I'll send an email to that effect and close it out. 

I need to take pictures of my alley garden today. It's coming along better than expected and looks really nice!

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  1. Would/could you detail the steps you've been taking to get a better night's sleep? I need help!


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