Friday, August 19, 2011

A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened when I was camping with the dog. I realized that, while I am good company, while I don't mind my own good company in the least, I don't want to camp by myself at this stage of the game. It wasn't about safety, because I do tend to pick places that will have some people, and it wasn't about being lonely, really. I had a perfectly good time, hanging out, reading, knitting, playing my banjo. Yesterday, the dog and I hiked about six miles, a nice hike through some pretty country. I just don't feel like it.

With the shot in the arm that I've gotten by knowing I'm keeping my job, I'm doing more stuff at home and in town. I'm keeping busy, and didn't really feel the need to get away from anything by going camping. It was more like I felt I should go camping, and that's why I'm going to sell the van.

But not before I get my other car looked at! I went out to use my other car, my trusty 1995 Honda Civic, which I bought new and has been the most awesomest car EVER, and it wouldn't start. I really did laugh out loud. It's making this screechy sort of noise like the engine wants to turn over, but it just can't get there. So I'll get that issue taken care of before I start the process of getting the van sold. I'd like for the Civic to last a couple more years (it's not too much to ask, is it?) so I can buy a Prius C, which is a smaller hybrid slated to be released next spring.

Other than firming up my opinion that I don't need to camp by myself again anytime soon, I felt what I can best describe as a slight shift in my perspective. I feel like I'm settling into feeling a more appropriate level of gratitude for what I have. How does this translate? I'd like to have more fun, thanks. Continue to try to meet new people, continue the search for my half-orange, follow through on getting work done on the house, that kind of thing.

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