Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where was I?

It seems like it's been a while since I've posted.

Must mean I've been delving into the online dating thing again. There's only so much screen time to go around. But now I'm doing what I usually do, paddle around for a while, and get out and sit on my towel for a while. The clincher this time was a person that wasn't quite my type, but hey, I'm trying to keep an open mind, right? So I replied to his email and he responded. With seven separate rambling emails over the course of about an hour. Seven.

So, you're kinda new to this business. eh? I sent an email this morning saying I didn't want to pursue that match, and best of luck. I try hard to be nice about it. There's no reason to be mean. But I blocked him, too, which feels weird. I haven't had to do that before. I did converse with some nice people this time around. Met BW, who, while fun and nice, is clearly not my path, so to speak. The search continues. I was reading an online chat yesterday written by a matchmaker in Washington, DC, and thought, will it come to that? I'm hoping not. I'm going to shift back to socializing and see what happens.

And speaking of socializing, I need to get my costume ready for the biggest bike parade in town, the Tour de Fat, that happens this weekend. I'm going to volunteer, so will be there doing something and I'm sure I'll run into people I know.

And Mr W and I attended our church's start up breakfast this past weekend. I got caught up with some friends and left with the sense that I'd like to get more involved there. They're all about putting their faith money where their mouths are, so to speak, and it's a good community.

And the banjo lessons are going great! But slow. Teaching my hand the chord positions has been a slow go of it, but I see progress. I love how it's been pretty much as I've expected, that practicing will make me better at it, and as I don't really have any expectations as to how fast I progress, there's no pressure. I like the idea that at 46 I can learn something new like this.


  1. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. There are times when I really believe that the only way to meet someone with 'juice', so to speak, is to just get out there and get busy. I am still in awe of your banjo lessons. You are something else!

  2. I read an article years ago (and wish to heck I had kept it) that went on and on (in a very good way) about how, no matter what your age, there are always "firsts" in your life to be experienced. All we have to do is to maintain an interest in life and all it has to offer!

  3. Susan - Thanks for the kind words. That's what I need, someone with 'juice'!!

    Mama Pea - so true. I can almost feel my neurons making new connections, especially when I try to sing along and play at the same time (which I can't do yet).


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