Thursday, August 4, 2011

LindaCO, you are such a nice person, but...

I knew there was a chance this might happen. I knew that BW wasn't all that far along in the process of getting over the last person he was dating. And so, last night there was "the talk". The talk about how his ex had recently contacted him and he feels like there's unfinished business there and he has to follow his heart and I'm a lovely person and he needs a couple of days to sort this out.

It stings, but I appreciate his honesty such that he rates high marks in my book and I think we'll be friends regardless. I've kept saying all along that he's different, not my usual match, so it feels a little like I've been turned loose to find someone more like me? I don't know, we still got along fine.

In a weird turn of events (but not so weird when you live in a smallish city) BW and I went to an outdoor concert last night, and I see a kid walking by in a yellow shirt - it's Mr W! So I follow the line of sight and there's my ex, and his fiance. The ex later gets up to go, sees us, comes over to say hi. We chat a bit, and he says that they went ahead and got married over the weekend. Not all that shocking, I knew it was coming, but... Mr W hadn't seen me up til this point, and as he walked back from playing, he saw me and I have to say it still makes me smile, his face lit up and he literally ran over to me. How nice for his dear ma.

So I'm back in the pool, the dating pool, that is. Better for having had this experience with BW. I tend to go introvert without a partner, and this was a great exercise in why it's important to keep getting out and doing stuff. Before I met him, I also was without the job renewal, so was in a funk about that. Now, I feel like I'm in a better position to socialize.

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