Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To be able to laugh at oneself

Here's my new banjo. It's a basic, starter model, nothing fancy. It got here last Wednesday, but my first lesson wasn't until last night. I love the teacher, she's so enthusiastic. If you look at the picture, you'll see in the middle of the round white part (the head) there's a little piece of wood. That's called the bridge. Well, they don't ship the instrument with the bridge in place, because it props up the strings, and I guess the strings would be too taught. I learned this the hard way, by taking the banjo to my first lesson without the bridge installed. I get there, and she looks and says, "where the bridge?". Um, what's a bridge? 

So while she was still rolling around on the floor laughing (I was too, it was so silly), I dashed home and got the bridge, which had come with a couple of little tools to maintain the banjo. Sheesh. I had a good laugh at my own expense.  I think that pretty well established just how much of a newbie I am and how basic things need to be to start. She was very generous and gave me a full 30 minute lesson after I returned with the bridge, and I've been practicing the two parts to my 4/4 rolls. 

I'm glad I did this! 

I almost forgot. You can see that I have a nice case for my new banjo. I have former flame CB to thank for the "you need a case for your devices" mindset. There was a time when I'd just buy a thing, and then get bummed out when it got dinged, scratched or broken. Thinking that I had paid enough already, thank you. No more. Now I order the case alongside the thing, and don't worry about it. In fact, I just sort of factor it into the price of the thing. 


  1. First I must apologize for my alternate title suggestion for this post, "Just in Case".

    It's so great you're pursuing this, maybe your son will be inspired and take up an instrument so you can play together!

  2. Won't it be great to look back on this post a year or so down the banjo road when you're playing away like a real pro?

    If you ask me, this is what blogs are really for . . . Dear Diary. I mean Dear Journal. Dear Blog?


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