Friday, April 20, 2012


I had a nice outing with friend D the other night, and we were talking about her son, who is graduating from high school and is going away to school next fall. This has brought on some melancholy. These people that we raise, or are raising, that we pour so much of our hopes and dreams and efforts into, are going to leave us. Like they are supposed to. Like we are preparing them to do.

This made me realize that the pace at which Mr W is separating from me and growing up is accelerating. I can feel it. D says she felt it start about this age with her son as well. It's all on track, I mean this is how it's supposed to happen. A normal part of growing up.

I was driving from work to pick him up from school yesterday and got all teary thinking about this, and how grateful I am to be here doing it. I'll have to think of this moment the next time he acts like a bratty tween and questions or want to change everything I ask him to do around the house...


  1. Walking the fine line between taking his/her brattyness seriously (I think we might be better to just laugh in their faces and walk away - give 'em something to think about as they are just testing us, you know) and trying to correct their behavior so we send a well-rounded individual out into the world is the tough part for those of us trying to do a good job of parenting. (I just ran out of breath on that poorly constructed sentence.)

    It is sad for certain parts of our children's lives to be over, done with, gone forever. But we must be thankful they have the ability to learn, grow and leave. (My, but I'm being pseudo-philosophical this morning!)

    1. I agree. If I can remember not to take the bait, as it were, I can do this part of parenting pretty well. Usually.

  2. I have one married and off on his own and one still at home. The separation is bittersweet indeed, but it's so wonderful knowing they can take care of themselves. Having adult children is pretty terrific! And being in a position where I can re-imagine my own life and its focus is a great place to be!


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