Thursday, April 19, 2012


All of the sudden, my Etsy shop looks a little sparse. I'm planning on finishing several pieces, and making a few more. The photography is an important part of it, and I'm still looking for something simple that makes all of the pictures on the page "go together". For now, it's using a rough linen napkin near a bright window.

Here's my works in progress:

The wine education thingy last night was fun. I ended up being 45 minutes late because of a piece of equipment at work malfunctioned and I had to start from the beginning of the run. Erg.

I'm going to send the company an email on this, because with the older version of the equipment, we could stop the protocol and jump ahead to another step, easy peasy. With the new one, there is no provision for that and I think that's bogus. So when the little mechanical grabber grabbed my sample plate and couldn't put it down level where it was supposed to go, it just stopped. I opened the grabber and put the plate where it was supposed to go, but then the machine didn't know where the plate was.

I had it planned so that I'd have an hour to pick up the dog and get her fed and settled, and then plenty of time to change and get to my destination. This lab stuff is just like that. The samples had to be processed then, or we'd lose them. It all turned out fine, and I enjoyed the wine and catching up with friend D.


  1. Received my bracelet yesterday and it is wonderful! I love it! Thank you so much!!!

    1. W0o0t!!! So glad. You are most welcome.


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