Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yea! The weekend

Well the rest of the week at work ended up being productive. I met yesterday with the person that was on my graduate committee at school and as I expected, he had a bunch of good ideas for me to try. Always good to know that I didn't do it wrong...

And today is Saturday!! The weather is going to be splendid, and we're going for a hike with the single parent group today. There's also the Earth Day hoo-ha downtown that we may check out, and lots of yard work, bracelet work and laundry folding to do. Yes, the laundry was gracious enough to wait for me. At least the pile of clothes that was on my hamper is now in the queue and being washed and dried.

We got  Mr W a new computer yesterday, funded with part of my tax refund. He kicked in 25%, and I'll have him work off some of his debt as well. I had to explain what "sweat equity" meant. So far so good; it's a much better computer than the first one I bought anyway, and wasn't much more expensive. What really hurt was the "juice box" warranty, which was about 40% of the purchase price of the computer. But this way, if something gets spilled on it, we're covered. *sigh* I always doubt myself at these big expenditures, but I could think of lots of practical reasons for the kid to have his own computer.

OK, off to fold laundry before the fun stuff. Hope your weekend rocks!


  1. Isn't it funny how, as kids, we thought adults would have all the confidence in the world and so would we....then as adults we wish we had the breezy confidence of children?

  2. Yes, it's a little harder than it looked from childhood. :-)


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