Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Folding laundry

Hmm, have I used this title for a post before? It's a recurring theme in my life. There is no shortage of clean clothing for myself or my child, but it often sits in baskets in the basement. The truth is, I don't like to fold laundry. I guess more accurately, the thought of spending my time folding laundry makes me slightly depressed, as though I must have so many other things to do besides this mundane task.

The folding itself is not a big deal, once I make the time and just do it. The dog schooches up to the head of the bed and I fold on it. Easy peasy to put my stuff away, and the kid's stuff goes in the empty basket, where it is delivered to his room and sits for a week is promptly put away by him.

Lately, I have been basket-raiding for clothing for about a week. I can tell it's getting bad because my dirty clothes hamper is full and I've got clothes piling on top. To what do I owe this semi-slovenly behavior?

Well, I've been out having fun.

I had a friend in for most of the weekend, and Monday is Spin class and late dinner and homework for Mr W. Yesterday I went to the dog park and the music jam, which was a lot of fun and I recognized a few of the songs even. Mr W was with his dad so I stayed for a couple of hours. Lots of fun. Then tonight, there's a social wine-education thing I signed up for, and good friend D is going, so I'm going to take Sal to doggie day care, skip Spin and do this.


No complaints, really. I mean that's been my goal with this social stuff. To have enough options that I can go and do it if I want, and I can stay home and chill if I want, too. So the laundry waits patiently. It'll all get done.

Finally, here's a picture of my tulips last week. They turned out lovely and since the weather's been a little cooler, they've held on for what feels like a long time. It fascinates me that the Anemone, in the upper left corner, blooms in the late summer, yet feels compelled to be one of the first things up in the spring. It gets pretty tall - about 5 feet - and I'll need to stake it better this year to show it off well. Such a treat when everything else is on its way out.


  1. Life is good? Sounds like! ;o}

  2. Heavens! Laundry should ALWAYS take second (or third) place to fun!


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