Monday, April 9, 2012

Highs and lows

We had a lot of fun yesterday. Mr W liked having to hunt around for his Easter candy. We went to church, and then, as is our Sunday tradition, went to get bagels. The bagel store has a gum ball machine and if you get a green gum ball, you get a free half dozen bagels. We try every week with one quarter to get a green gum ball, but it's been a while since Mr's W's gotten one. Yesterday, I had already given him one quarter and he got a gum ball (blue) and we were waiting for the bagels and talking about how long it had been. A couple near us was also waiting, and the woman walked over, put her quarter in and got a green one. We applauded, and chatted about how long it had been since Mr W had gotten one. The guy of the couple walks over with a few quarters, puts in two, gets another green gum ball, and gives it to Mr W. "Wow, that was lucky, Mom".

We had a really nice time at the gaming group get together. I played Dominion, which I had played before  but now feel more competent at. Mr W played a game called Munchkins, which was a card game and he loved it. I think it was the right combination of swords, mythical creatures and fart jokes that was right up his alley.

And the weather was perfect yesterday. Classic spring. We took Sally to the dog park after the gaming thing, and that was fun. Mr W runs around as much as the dog it seems.

Then Mr W was playing on his computer and spilled a glass of water on his laptop keyboard. He was distraught. I freaked out, and he did the right thing by tipping it so the water would run off, we powered it down, toweled it off, but the keyboard is wonky this morning. I'll take it in to see if someone at Best Buy can fix it, but it might be toast. Actually, it boots up fine, but the keyboard is the problem. Arggg. As I keep telling myself and him, it's not like anyone's sick. The computer is a thing that can be replaced. As a mom, though, I wish I could take some of his anguish away.

In other news, the person I was in the long distance relationship with a couple of years ago is working in CO this week and we're getting together for a visit this weekend. There's a music festival downtown to go to, and it'll be nice to catch up with him.


  1. Other than the keyboard, what a great day! The gaming group sounds like so much fun - it's hard having a Scrabble board with only the dogs to play with...

  2. It's fun to find a new group of folks to do fun things with. Kid friendly is a bonus, too!


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