Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Roots and wings

Well, it doesn't look like Mr W's computer is going to be easily fixable. I took it to Best Buy and they said these kinds of repairs start at about $150 and then there's no guarantee that the motherboard and rest of it still work. $150 is halfway to a new computer, so I'm going to budget money to buy a new one, and Mr W is going to kick in a third.


Oh, you were asking about the warranty. I did buy a warranty, one with a fancy-sounding name like Square Trade Warranty, I think. That lulled me into thinking (it really did, my mistake on this) that it was a full coverage warranty for things like accidents, which I had with my first computer. The juice box warranty. I'll be sure to get the juice box warranty for the next one, and Mr W won't be having beverages near the computer any more. It was an accident, so we'll press on.

We've had a long-standing tradition of me reading stories to Mr W as part of our bedtime routine. It's been one of my favorite mom duties. Yesterday, Mr W asked, "If we don't do stories, can I go to bed a little later?" (Sniff) "Um, sure. You don't want to do stories anymore?" I knew this was coming, and he sees it as part of growing up. "No, not anymore. I'm eleven, you know." Yes, I know. So just like that we've left a vestige of childhood behind. I still tuck him in, though. I think he's letting me do that to make me feel better about the stories thing. He said, "You're still my favorite person ever, Mom." "Back atcha" I said. As the saying goes, as parents we give them roots and wings, right?


  1. It doesn't mean that those little steps toward being all grown up don't produce a little ache somewhere near the center of the chest sometimes.


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