Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Embarrassing myself at work

I attended a phone conference yesterday with my boss and the people we're working with in California. Afterwards, I was discussing the work with him, and was explaining that the genetic characteristics of one group of mosquitoes we worked with there aren't as strong and obvious as when we've worked with specimens of that group from other parts of the country.

Our shorthand for the group is P. The other group we refer to as Q.

I found myself talking about the "P-ness" of the group in California, in comparison with this group from other parts of the country, and said it a couple of times. Go ahead, say it out loud. "P-ness" P-ness".

That sound you hear now? Me smacking my forehead again. When I told Mr W, he thought this was hilarious. I'm very thankful my boss either didn't get it or let it go so as not to embarrass me. I did pretty good embarrassing myself, it would appear.


  1. That is pretty funny! I can't believe your boss would have been unable to hide at least a little smile if he had "gotten it." Good thing we can laugh at ourselves!

  2. Thanks for the belly laugh! Good stuff!

  3. What a hoot! I wonder if your boss was repeating it to anyone later....

  4. Ha ha, I just made you say P-ness! Good story Linda.


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