Sunday, May 27, 2012

Raised Beds 5-27-12

I thought I'd post a few raised bed pictures today. I'm not quite done planting, but what's there is doing well. Above shows what I refer to as the 'third' raised bed, although with the raspberries in the corner, it's really the fourth. I extended the soaker hose from the bed on the right, and consequently that bed doesn't get quite as much water as it used to. I think it's enough, though.

This bed has strawberries and... parsnips! Yes, parsnips. The garden store I was at had them, so I got them on a whim. I looked for seed potatoes at the garden store and they were out, so I bought some organic Yukon Gold spuds and am waiting for them to sprout so I can harden them off and plant them in the front part of this bed.

Here's my problem-child raised bed. Too much water at the end of the soaker hose last year combined with faulty corner reinforcement efforts on the part of the gardener (*ahem*) and the corner split over the winder. I've pounded several lengths of 3' rebar and it'll hold for another year or two. Note to self: next time, reinforce corners at the outset. I've still got the corner braces in the garage, unopened. This bed has my one tomato plant (several friends are planting many, many plants and I plan to be there to say, "Sure, I'll take a few extra, no problem"),  a few broccoli from seed that I'm not sure will do well because it's kind of late to be planting broccoli, and some herbs. 

The neighbor's volunteer mint is along the fence line on the right. I'll beat it back a few times over the summer, but don't really mind that it's there.

This one has onions on the left, a couple of cantaloupe plants, my lettuce and spinach, and carrots. I also planted some Calendula and Marigold seeds. Because I felt like it (ah, the benefits of being the only gardener in the house...). Getting to be time to harvest some of that spinach, it would seem.

My pot of flowers. Not much to see here yet. This one has some volunteer Nicotiana from last year, Gazania, and Viola. Raspberries in the back.

Obligatory dog picture. The Tail says, "I'm watching out for potential interlopers. Or cats. Or something. Maybe squirrels." She really needs a haircut, but her appointment isn't until June 7th. She's pretty wooly at the moment. 

This weekend brings graduation parties and a picnic with the single parent group tomorrow. The weather's been windy but nice. 

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