Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Raining!

Ha! Normally that would not be news around here at this time of the year (or would it ever be news in many parts of the country in Spring) but it has been so very dry this year that the good soaking rain that started last night is most welcome.

It started when we were at the dog park. It's funny how the dogs really don't care when it's a light but steady rain. Mr W offered to run with the dog around the block, but I realized I like to see the dog park folks, so we went to the dog park. On days when I have my spinning class though, time-wise it's easier to just walk her around the neighborhood.

It was a good weekend. I think I've got my irrigation figured out for the fourth raised bed. It still looks like this (minus the goofy dog):

and I extended the system of soaker hoses over from the bed on the far right to the bed in the front of the photo. I fiddled with the the various parts of it, and moved a shutoff valve from one end of the sections of soaker hose to the other and I think it's as good as it's going to get. The third bed gets a little less water, so I'll have to pay attention and plant stuff close to the hose. 

And with all this rain, I think it'll be good to get out in the next couple of days and plant the stuff that will grow from seed this year. 

Mr W came with me to the plant store, and wanted to pick out colors of annuals. He chose dark purple, yellow, blue, and some of those screaming pink spiked Celosias that I have never bought because they seem kind of gaudy. Awesome. 

I had forgotten that this particular nursery sells almost all of its perennials in gallon pots only. I complained here on the blog about this before, and well, it still annoys me. Annoys me because they expect people to pay $10 for one plant?! Please. I deliberately chose annuals from this shop that were 4 packs (forget six packs anymore, it seems). I'll buy my Penstemmons elsewhere. I'm thankful that there are several good garden stores in town.

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  1. Yay! Let the gardening begin! (I think it's great that Mr. W has the interest in picking out flowers. Hope he retains that interest throughout his life! So many males, young or old, don't know a pansy from a salvia . . . or care.)


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