Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I took the dog out this morning and the air smelled like smoke. There's a wildfire burning in our local canyon that started yesterday afternoon. So far it's been pretty well behaved, but it's always weird to go outside and have it smell like a campfire. It's far enough away that there is no threat here, but the smoke does make it to town. It's been really dry, so it will probably be a busy fire season. It makes me think about the people that live up the canyon, where there are few ways to get out in a hurry. Not sure I would opt for that location.

I've been sort of solitary the last few weekends without Mr W, which lets me get some stuff done around the house, but often makes me feel sort of isolated. Not for long, though. Summer is gearing up and there's lots going on in the next few weeks. I'm volunteering for an old-time music festival that is in a couple of weeks and organized by some of my dog park friends (the ones who play at the weekly jam). I'll work for four hours doing ticket and merchandise sales and get to attend the rest of it for free.

Ignite Fort Collins is this week, and I'm volunteering for that as well. I'll be doing mundane stuff like cutting up pizza and running around, but I also get to attend for free and I like the idea of the event a lot, so am happy to help out.

Then there's graduation parties at the end of the month. Such big accomplishments for both the kids and their parents (my dear friends), I'm looking forward to participating in the celebration.

And speaking of celebrations, Mr W has a "Continuation Ceremony" on his last day of school. I'm a little ambivalent about this, but will certainly attend and applaud loudly. I was going over my budget, as summertime childcare expenses are double what they are during the school year, and realized that this is the last summer I'll be spending that kind of money on childcare. Once they're in middle school, they are on their own more. Yikes.

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  1. Yikes, for sure! It sounds like you are really getting involved in your community - that is so great. The Ignite Fort Collins event looks terrific. Hope you get rain - I'd gladly send you some of ours.


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