Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi blog, howareya?

It's funny to me how writing on this blog has become part of my routine such that not doing it for a few days feels weird. So here I am, although I don't have much in the way of big stuff going on. I'm making a bracelet for my banjo instructor to give as a wedding gift. She wanted to personalize it, so I lined up various bits for her to choose from and took this picture:

It's been my experience so far to have several people say they'd like to do this, but they don't tell me what they want, so the process stalls. I thought maybe I'd work up several of these in different color schemes and make those available for custom orders. 

I made the picture huge on my preview - does it bleed over the margins when you view it? 

After my face-reddening experience at work the other day, I've been taking Excel spreadsheet data and doing this and then that, and cut and paste, and I'm a little weary of all the screen time, but should be done with it today. I've been in the lab some, too and that makes me happy.

I think I've got my irrigation all set to accommodate the fourth raised bed. This strikes me as SO me, but I have the water timer installed (which takes some doing because all of the fittings want to leak, as does the faucet itself) and haven't programmed it yet. I saw that stuff was looking a little limp yesterday and turned it on manually, which you don't have to tell me sort of defeats the purpose of having a timer. Must go to the garage and read the instructions... 

I'm looking forward to getting more stuff planted this weekend, although it's supposed to rain some. I really do like to hit my three favorite plant stores in town and see what they've got. It's kid-candy store level for sure.

That's about it. Nothing major to complain about, nothing hurts, dog and child are healthy, I still have a job, and life is good. 

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