Saturday, May 12, 2012

Now it's buttons

I think the hunt for bracelet stuff is a significant part of what makes it fun for me. I was poking around eBay, and saw some nifty old buttons that would work on my bracelets. Let me tell you, if you've got any interest in old buttons, there are tons (OK, pounds and pounds) of them on eBay. It's really something. It's the same kind of thing as with the old watches. These are things that most everyone had, and some folks had a lot of them. It seems, then, that there is an almost infinite supply.

Here are some that I'm looking at:

Nice mother of pearl buttons. I love the luster.

OK, I'm not seriously considering this one, which is a whopping eight pound of buttons, but felt compelled to share. The current bid is $24.50 and it's got a day to go yet. I don't know where I'd keep them all, so I'm generally setting my sights on smaller lots. The thought of becoming a button collector doesn't really appeal either. But wow.

I couldn't copy the larger version of these, but they look really interesting. Metal filigree over color. 

And I probably can't use these, but they sure are pretty! Glass buttons. I'm like a crow - hey, is that something shiny?

It's graduation day for the local university, and kind of grey and potentially drizzly. This says to me quite clearly: "Garage Sales" and "Plant Store". And other garden-y and crafty stuff. Hope you have a good weekend too.

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  1. I'm not anything close to a button collector either, but there is something appealing about all of them displayed like that. Ca-a-a-w-caw?


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